Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions:

    1.     Always let the Venue know you are a Crew Privilege member and confirm the discount with them before you order. 
    2.     If there is any disagreement with the venue you are required by law to settle your bill as stated by the venue. Once this has been paid please to report any problems with discounts to info@crewprivilege.com
    3.     Do not at any time give your CP card to any other person for them to receive a discount. 
    4.     Ask every venue you visit if they offer crew privilege (we are building bridges every day - some privileges may not be on the site yet).
    5.     The one off fee entitles you to a Crew Privilege card, which is valid for one year, the card will not be accepted by our partners if the expiry date is exceeded.
    6.     For lost and stolen cards, please contact info@crewprivilege.com.
    7.     Etiquette. As representatives of the yachting community and Crew Privilege, please respect customs expected of the establishment you are in (e.g. dress codes, noise levels ect). 
    8.     Events. Please bring your card to events - they are only free for members.

    9.     Enjoy, explore and live a privileged life with Crew Privilege!